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Just over a month after the worst natural disaster in modern Japanese history, scientists and researchers are still trying to piece together the mystery of exactly how and why some areas were wiped out by tsunami and others escaped. International teams of geologists are mapping out the geological causes and complex effects of the March … Continue reading


Reporting the commission’s decision, the IAEA said previous level five ratings had been provided separately for accidents at Reactors 1, 2 and 3 but had now been combined as a single event. Another affected unit, Reactor 4, has retained its level three rating, it said. One official from Tepco said that radiation leaks had not … Continue reading

His statement came at the end of an emergency meeting of eurozone ministers and financial institutions in Brussels. Finance ministers from all the 27 European Union countries are set to meet shortly. Tuesday’s emergency talks came against a background of renewed financial market turmoil. At the centre of this has been the markets’ fear that … Continue reading

Thrills in, breaths out.

But I will. From what I have gained in the last months. I cannot see any practical reason to apply this knowledge in my city. And to flaunt in some ideas of doing this over the interwebs is foolish to say the least. I have been in London before as I have been to other … Continue reading

The elusive character of the party animal

More and more teens today agree, that with the development of the ever increasing span of social networks partying has become one of the sociability efforts many refrain to as “necessary” and even “healthy”. To what end must the world gaze into images of drunken students, who after a week of submission, must unleash their … Continue reading


How can I walk away when I can barely stand? Those meetings meant something beyond rational. A flux, a message or a whimper of the things to come. Random meetings portray maps that intertwine. Waving hands.

Present situation

There is no environmental disaster. The disaster is the environment itself.

7 points of clarification.

1. In the ever-occuring war between the tangible and intangible. The tangible ALWAYS wins. The intangible can only be a means towards the tangible. 2. Supposedly the workers occupying the Ministry of Work get their pay, this will resonate in a different kind of notion. 3. Love relationships are only invariably transient. 4. In orderd … Continue reading

Nights in K4

There must be a cultural counterpart to the industrialist fashion. That counterpart is techno. Techno culture produces more than anything, a beating convulsion of a sublime alienation, that is to say, a pseudo-liberated dance spirit. This is obvious to anyone who tried it’s appeal sober. The saying that a new, digital industrial world needs a … Continue reading

A point of clarification: the second issue

Some may read this and in absence of intellectual capacity, fail to understand. But this is not the truth. The case is quite the opposite. The understandings of these texts are in the hands and heads of a few rare individuals I’ve shared my time with, when I have been given the opportunity to widen … Continue reading

Common experience.

Image via Wikipedia There will be no social solution to the present situation. First, because the vague aggregate of social milieus, institutions, and individualized bubbles that is called, with a touch of antiphrasis, “society,” has no consistency. Second, because there’s no longer any language for common experience. And we cannot share wealth if we do … Continue reading

You, with the Giddens. Line up!

And this is the way the freedoms will be practiced. Around the places you know nothing about, willing to be there, outside, hazed – looking in. Just like in school, your predictable development in your so very specialized field, where you learn everything about everything, and you get a “wide” knowledge base, yet you’ve never … Continue reading

2009 in music.

In no hierarchical structure (or maybe some vague one): Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest Sin Fang Bous – Clangour Coeur De Pirate – s/t Le Loup – Family Fanfarlo – Reservoir The Twilight Sad – Forget the Night Ahead Passion Pit – Manners Sunset Rubdown – Dragonslayer Throw me the Statue – Creaturesque Bowerbirds – Upper … Continue reading

A point of clarification.

SadRooftops was born out of love. It was born out of this idea of love of mornings, all abstract ideas and passionate fulfillments. This love faded, the excitement is there but the participators are gone. Some float around europe, other stay at home. Beyond this point, all that SadRooftops produced in the past does not … Continue reading


We can discern more clearly every day, beneath the reassuring drone, the noise of preparations for open war. What starts out as a simple demonstration turns into a mass derive-like run. Evasive ridicule. Hide and seek. War games. Diverse tactics how to outrun the pigs and reach the destination and destroy it. There are teams … Continue reading

Hamburg derives.

Where do we go on? The train stops in Hamburg and I miss the train to Copenhagen for a few minutes. The next one is in three hours. A fast derive is in place through the wine obsessed center. Shoplifting is due, warm clothes and tools we need to survive in the following days. The … Continue reading

Berlin journals and derives.

In Berlin, the ambience and feeling of home is clear and captivating. Everything is cheaper than Ljubljana. The U-Bahn takes you and leaves you everywhere. Yet, the streets are wide enough for play. A city within a city. The centers reside in polygonal structures and connect with the S-Bahns. Travel is not dangerous. This could … Continue reading

Trainhopping amongst the Himalayas.

There was a woman on the train that said she saw a monk in Tibet that levitated half a meter of the ground. “These things exist.” She said with a nodding gesture. She said that you need 50 years of hard work but in the end you can levitate. “So much to show for 50 … Continue reading

All the misery reflects and regenerates. The encompassing isolation breaks out in simpler places. We all feel it but we don’t know any better. You know how there is this feeling present, in everyone heads but there is no way to articulate it; write it down? And then, a solider commits suicide and another one … Continue reading

Plans and destinations.

It all came so sudden and so fresh. And yet it was here all the time. We have to move out, we have to go beyond these national borders. There is so much work to be done everywhere, yet some expect it to just play itself out. We never said it would be easy just … Continue reading

Why the last weeks matter more than most weeks.

What happened? An understanding of action took a swift turn, an understanding in terms we have yet to achieve. But what really happened? An action that provoked others, a torque kind of force that turned a wheel and helped things move on. Where are we now; a busy time that holds no answers. The differentiations … Continue reading

What to do with the churches.

Here, on 16th of October, 2009 my feet touched the pedals as my fingers let go of the brakes. It seemed like the coldest day of the year. That day the temperatures dropped to minus and I felt like I always feel in winter, overdressed, while the rest of the world go around their days … Continue reading

Semicolons and colours around them.

Some things flow amiss as you step out of yourself to regain consciousness. You turn around to see a palette of 60 human beings typing away what it is to be code that runs like clockwork or text that will turn those zeroes into meaning. Through a thought-o-scope, you would stare through and see a … Continue reading

Fin de siècle.

What more must there be acknowledged? It’s there in our bags when we walk out of your stores. We find it in the banalities of daytime politics and the unreasonable profits based on slave labour. It is being debated in the streets and ignored in schools. There is plenty of it between our lovers toes … Continue reading

Into a flux, a travel, a poem.

I now found myself drifting, whether it was through streets or situations, there was a substantial increase in the numbers of nodes in my network. A new street meant a new branch and every occurrence provided an input for the map I was tactically developing, steadfastly scheming. The nodes all meshed wonderfully, with a feeling … Continue reading

If you happen to feel free.

In Berlin every wall is tagged by defiant youngsters and their fancy pseudonyms, gracefully avoiding any kind of dynamism. Lost within its borders, graffiti has lost its potency at the time when it became l’art pour l’art, when it became predictable and decipherable only within the elitist scene of hipsters who are talented with drawing … Continue reading

Increasing stasis; a noisy epicenter of noisy colours: 003

Exactly six minutes have passed while I was heading out from my street, into another and then onto Dunajska street. When you enter this monster, everything devours you in a sense that the billboards cover more of your visual sensory channels and the noise becomes overwhelming to the point of migrating out of yourself as … Continue reading

Shifting streets; a hovering omni-presence: 002

You are probably heading out from Metelkova, as you push your bike softly and slowly towards the crowded areas of town. The horizon closes further in, tighter up. The sun-drenched areas get smaller with every pedal. In-between these walls the historical passage can be read like the layers of ice of a glacier; graffiti has … Continue reading

Shifting streets; a looming presence: 001

Everything opens up. The looming weight of the surrounding buildings disappears. I am now in a place of a million colours and ten thousand scents. It feels more like a gathering ground for normal people doing normal things as the food market is Ljubljana’s most warm place. The poignancy escapes me as I fall into … Continue reading

This makes sense.

SadRooftops got it’s printed version today. It is laid out on four pages on A4, containing six of the stories you could find on this website. It’s printed in beautifully kerned Helvetica Bold and Palatino on recycled thin paper. It is absolutely free upon requests. I also enclose the PDF version, but encourage you to … Continue reading

Website mockup: 01

I did this for a website but pulled out at the last moment for my own reasons. Click for fullview.

Task #1

Scan the weather report for a rainy day. Get up early, choose a path with a lot of low trees. Ride along the path feeling happy as if it was your first day alive. Find a roof over your head. Wait until it stops raining. Ride the same path back home. Notice the branches are … Continue reading

Prove your point and destroy it.

Velikokrat danes slišimo, da so v recesiji izgubili največ prav tisti, ki so v zadnjem času največ pridobili. Kvečjem lahko v tej izjavi zaznamo sam srž gnilobe kapitalistične ideologije. Le ta vse oblike življenja posploši na ekonomske faktorje. Tako so prestrašeni bogi debeluhi, ki morajo dandanes v tem nekrivičnem svetu premisliti o nakupu jahte, katero … Continue reading

Search for another.

It would seem, at times our lives are nothing but a very distinctive search we start in our adult childhoods, bored with our own minds we ghastly touch the edges and reside to thinking there is nothing more. Our imagination went all grayish. Learning became slower or obsolete. Our bodies produced weird amounts of hormones … Continue reading

Outsourcing in the year 0 wasn’t a smart idea.

There seems in every person is a threshold, a line where the page breaks and we go “fuck this” in our heads and reside to pulling triggers, kicking chairs or taking big leaps from buildings. Or simply resort to change. Somehow change becomes an ugly word equated to weakness and a foolish path to better … Continue reading

I’ll sleep underground.

Sometimes you’ll go and think about how fucked up you are, and how bad you are at with coping with life, or relationships, or feelings. Or you’re the one on your own, wondering how everyone around you got to where they are with their fuckedupness. And in both cases you’ll either realize you are just … Continue reading

In loops.

I will wake up at 6:50, splash scolding cold water at my face and slowly grasp what feeling alive feels like. Left leg goes in, right leg goes in, buckle up. Remove glasses, right hand, left hand, head, shirt on. Back to sharpness and focus. Focus. Take gentle steps not to wake the neighbors , … Continue reading


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